Protein Smoothie Me!

Updated April 18, 2018

For my birthday in April, my great friend bought me a Nutribullet blender.  Out with the old one and in with the new one!  This bad boy can blend!!!  I have not used the old one since!  I like to blend everything now and I have made smoothies since college! I think before people knew what smoothies were LOL!!!  I usually blend one for breakfast and maybe in the afternoon for a snack.  There are SO many concoctions you can create.  The Nutribullet come with tons of recipes, and you can add protein if you want to them.  I have made a few of them and they are very good.

I usually blend one for breakfast.  On occasion, I have one in the afternoon.  I do not use milk anymore in the ones that I blend.  I use almond milk or coconut water.  Tastier in my opinion.  I use a banana, strawberries, frozen blueberries, coconut flakes, kale and frozen spinach.  Frozen fruit or veggies is the secret so I don’t have to add ice. I will sometimes add frozen broccoli, and frozen cauliflower to replace the kale or frozen spinach.  Yes, sounds crazy, but YUMMO!!!!  I might even add almonds or walnuts if I feel like it. PLUS, I may get REALLY CRAZY and add a piece of 90% cocoa bar!!!! DOUBLE YUMMO!!!  Currently I make…

Cup almond milk

1/2C coconut water


4-6 strawberries

optional: 1/2C frozen blueberries

1/2C frozen spinach

optional: 2 or 3 leaves kale

protein powder (Sun Warrior)

Optional: Coconut flakes, Hemp seeds, Maca powder, Cocoa, blend of chia seeds/flax


Thanks ALL. Until next time!!!

Kevin #ImALLin


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