EMOTIONAL: Eaters or Non-Eaters

I posed a question on Facebook… “Are most of you emotional eaters or emotional non eaters??”  Lots of different responses came my way.  The answers were GREAT!!! But, I will say it was split. AND, the it seemed most of the women were emotional eaters, and men were non-eaters.  Am I on to something here??? I am not certain, but it was interesting…

LOTS of things happen when people are stressed.  Two hormones are released: adrenaline and cortisol.  Adrenaline will increase your breath and one feels that “jolt” of strength and energy.  Cortisol will have some of the same effects as adrenaline because they are released at the same time.  Although, long periods of cortisol secretion can have many negative side effects.  One being increased abdominal fat.

      I was going through a stressful period in my life. I am sure many people can relate.  I stopped eating, working out, a good nights sleep was non-existent, and I didn’t really want to be around people.  I could feel my body was changing.  The littlest things, became BIG things. 

There is something called the “fight or flight response”.  

Definition: Changes your body goes through in response to stress. These changes may include an increase in heart rate, a narrowing of vision, muscle tension, sweating, and more sensitive hearing. These changes are adaptive as they are preparing you for immediate action — to flee, freeze, or fight. 

By , About.com Guide

I went through all three of those phases.  The “flee” part came last, where I didn’t really want to be around people.  The “freeze” part would rear its ugly head when I stopped doing things that made me happy.  I stayed home and wanted to sleep all the time, which I did.  The “fight” response appeared when I would get aggravated at things so trivial.

Check these sites for more reading and examples:




Everyone has had their challenges, their ups and downs, and things that conjure up past memories.  It took me a while to get back to “ME”.  I took small steps, changed my thinking, got back to exercise, practiced yoga, and also changed my eating habits.


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