Good vs. Bad Fats

I will admit. I was on the bandwagon for the no/low fat when I first started on my weight training journey in the early 90’s.  I did that because thats what was written in books and magazines.  Thats what I heard on television and from doctors.  Did it work for me, in retrospect, I would say “nope”. I weighed a “puffy” 190lbs, yes, I said 190lbs when I graduated college in 1996.  I felt bloated, had no definition, and didn’t always feel the best.  That summer I did some more research.  I rearranged what I ate and added more fat to my eating.  I lost weight, gained some muscle, and felt great!  I am going to talk about Good Fats and Bad Fats, kinda like the good vs. evil, which to eat and which not to eat.

Recently, from February to April I drastically changed what I ate.  One of the things I did was add more fat.  No, I’m serious, not kidding.  I really did add more fat by using oils, nuts and seeds.  Now I don’t want to get all scientific, so I will leave that to the scientists.  Let’s keep it simple and agree on two fats: SATURATED and UNSATURATED.  Cool???  In my opinion, these links help make things simpler for me:   and

I was very skeptical and afraid to use more fat.  I started with using ghee, and coconut oil for cooking.  Things tasted SO much better to me!  More flavorful!  I then added avocado’s, avocado oil, nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters, whole eggs, whole fat dairy, and red meat to my eating menu.

I revealed recently I weighed 180lbs to 182lbs, with body fat around 17% when I started in February.  Recently, when I weighed myself again, I was at  176lbs and 15% BF.  I realized those are just numbers, but I have gotten stronger, feel better, and see my abs more (without sit ups or crunches I would like to add).  So to say fat makes you fat, draw your own conclusions… I would really beg to differ on that one.


One thought on “Good vs. Bad Fats

  1. IRF says:

    Nice work! Fat makes you feel full so you eat less. I am happy you tried Ghee, that is a Desi classic!

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